Our scholarship program targets Primary 7 leavers who have outstanding academics and character, but lack the funding to continue their education at the secondary level. We currently have over 30 students on scholarship with 24 of them having a specific sponsor who supports them and follows their progress. We supply them with the funding for school fees (in most cases this includes both tuition and room & board), supplies and uniforms, a mentor, and emergency medical care.

Our Mentoring Program provides each student with one-on-one time with a mentor at least three times per term at school and home visits at least two times per year.  This is the minimum.

Our Academic Support Programs, such as study-skills and writing workshops, enhance the education the students receive at their schools and cover topics that are often slighted or left out all together.


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Our GLOBAL Scholars:

Growth and Leadership to Overcome Barriers and Aspire to be Lifelong learners






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