Nelson Mandela beautifully states the profound effect education can truly have when he said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

Mission Statement: To empower the at-risk youth of northern Uganda by providing sustainable educational opportunities that will create independent global leaders.

Why?  While there were many NGO’s working in Uganda and Gulu specifically, they were mainly focused on the larger issues of refugees, infrastructure, job creation, agriculture, and health issues facing the region during and immediately after the LRA conflict. Many of these larger NGO’s and organizations have left since the region has been experiencing general peace.  Those who have remained are slowing down their services and simply cannot help everyone; they need to choose where their resources will be used to affect the greatest number of people.  However, the most vulnerable children have been and are often times still missed. We work with many of these students who come from small villages, are formally from the street, and are not currently being served by the larger NGO’s.

Educating the most vulnerable children allows them to become productive members of their village, town, region, country and the world. It is through education that these children can change their lives.


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