Board of Directors

Laura Anderson, Co-founder and Resource Coordinator for Educate for Change


Laura Anderson has been an educator for 20 years. Her focus is on English language development, curriculum design and program development in underserved communities internationally. Laura moved to Gulu in 2014 to facilitate the sustainability of programs and develop long-term relationships with stakeholders. Laura has since worked in Rwanda and India bringing the mission of Educate for Change to areas where girls are traditionally left out of education. Laura is a graduate of the University of San Diego and Salve Regina University.

Kristine Sullivan, Co-founder/Director of Programs and Development


Kristine Sullivan was born and raised in the Mid-Hudson Valley region of New York.  She attended the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, MA and earned her BA in History.  Immediately after graduation, she moved across the country to partake in Loyola Marymount University’s PLACE Corps: a cohort of teachers-in-training who live in community, teach in under-resourced Catholic schools in the Diocese of Los Angeles, and simultaneously complete their MA in Education.  While in Los Angeles, Kristine grew even more passionate about education and the availability of programs and opportunities for the marginalized.  Teaching Social Justice and working with her high school students to give back in the Los Angeles community as the school Service Coordinator, she knew she wanted to challenge herself to do more with her time outside of school.  This led her to participate in a summer exchange program for teachers in northern Uganda.  Once she went to the classroom in Uganda, she knew more needed to be done to create a increasingly equal environment in which children would have the opportunity to thrive, rather than simply survive.  In 2012, she co-founded Educate for Change with two other educators.  She finished out her teaching year in Los Angeles, and moved full time to Gulu in June, 2013.  Kristine currently serves as the Director of Programs and Development on the ground, working specifically with the student scholarship and mentoring program to support our students in a holistic manner.


John Magee, Educator

John Magee is a teacher from St. Louis, MO. He decided to become a teacher when he discovered he liked building
young minds better than building airplanes. He has taught students of all shapes and sizes and is constantly amazed at their minds, warmed by their hearts, and enthused by their spirit. Thanks to a suggestion/challenge from one of these students he spent a summer teaching in Uganda. He tries to get back there as often as possible and is hoping to very soon make his 7th trip to the Pearl of Africa. His teaching philosophy (borrowed from a Jesuit priest) is, “We see in these wonderful students, what they do not see in themselves….until they do.”


Lawrence Sullivan, Contractor

Bio Pending

Ieasha Tiffany

Bio pending


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