“Education is the most powerful weapon which we can use to change the world.” Nelson Mandela

The 25 year war between the Lord’s Resistance Army rebels and the Ugandan military left the northern part of the country in shambles. Although the LRA has moved out of Uganda, there are thousands of children left with out the ability to pay for school.

We live in northern Uganda and know these children. We laugh with them and cry with them. Their faces are real; their stories are real. Turning away and acting innocent of their need is not an option.

We can make a difference. By donating even just a small portion of your change, you can make a drastic change in the lives of these kids. School fees, uniforms and supplies are expensive in terms of the standard of living in northern Uganda. We, however, can pool our resources and make an impact by all giving a small amount. In doing so we are grant the opportunity for these kids to have independence and empowerment through education. We are creating scholarships…educating for change.

We can no longer sit by idly and wait for someone else to take action. The time to take action is now, and we hope you will join our cause.

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