Welcome to the family, Ieasha!

We are so thrilled to share the news with you!  Ieasha Ramsay, our intern extraordinaire, has accepted to be the newest member of the Educate for Change Board of Directors.  We could not be more excited.

Ieasha initially came to Gulu to work with a company that was going through a transition period.  She really wanted to get more involved with something here instead of returning back to New York — and that’s when we found her!  She spent February through April planning our Girls’ Health and Leadership pilot project with us and let’s just say, it went SO well (more on that program later this week).

Before Ieasha left for New York last week, I sat down with her so that I could share some of her words with all of you.  Check out this amazing woman below!


Ieasha Ramsay was born and raised in Bristol, Connecticut.  For undergrad, she attended the State University of New York at Albany (SUNY Albany) where she majored in psychology and graduated in 2012.  Immediately, she pursued her MA in Social Work from NYU and finished in 2013.  Ieasha worked as a substance abuse counselor in Brooklyn, NY before she decided it was time to take a break and check out what was going on in northern Uganda.  I’ll let her tell the rest. 😉

What brought you to Gulu? I wanted to facilitate change in an area I normally would not have any interaction with — to try to step outside my own box and challenge myself and the people around me to grow.

How did you get involved with Educate for Change? It’s simple: one door in Gulu closed and another one opened. I realized how big of a need there was for workshops and information sharing and how much I missed working intimately with adolescents.  When the opportunity came to work with E4C, I jumped on board without hesitation. And BOOM! It’s all history from there.

You spent a large portion of your time planning for a health and leadership workshop for teenage girls.  What was your favorite part of the workshop? The affirmation bags. The girls had the opportunity to write notes to one another. They didn’t feel like they were just trying to pass a test. They were able to be honest about how they felt about one another and us and express their creativity. It’s just such a good habit! We never tell one another good things. I also enjoyed drawing the female reproductive system for my presentation. 😉

What was your favorite thing about your time in Gulu?  In addition to riding on bodas? Because that’s really my peaceful time.  I really enjoyed having the chance to interact with people who I would have never met in a million years. That’s so dope to me.  I made connections with people that will literally take me all over the world.  (Note: bodas are motorcycle taxis that usher many commuters around both day and night).

What are you most looking forward to when your return to the States? Cheeseburgers, being on rooftops in high heels, and nail polish that actually stays on my nails longer than a day.

Why are you excited to be on the Board of Directors?  I will lose myself in whatever work I decide to go back to – because NY is going to be insane. But I get to hold onto a piece of Gulu forever, which is really neat to me. It gives me the opportunity to keep myself attached and to stay grounded, really.


Thank you so much Ieasha.  We were so lucky to have met you and our girls will always remember you and the wisdom you bestowed on them.  You are most welcome back to Gulu at any time, and we could not be more thrilled to have you join our Board.

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