Girls’ Health and Leadership Camp!

April 24-26th, we will be hosting a pilot program for our girl scholarship beneficiaries.  This project serves to empower, liberate and motivate Ugandan female youth through education; providing them with the knowledge and esteem to become agents of change and break the cycle of ignorance about their sexual health, leadership capabilities and rights as women.

DSC_0087Anena Ketty Gloria, S2 Scholar, Graceland High School

The pilot program is a warm-up.  This summer we will host recurring multi-day Health and Leadership Camps to provide imperative education to female youth on topics including feminine health, sexual health, self-defense, and self-esteem.

In July and August 2015, Health and Leadership camps will be held in several sessions for students from various villages. Taking place throughout rural northern Uganda, each camp will provide approximately 100 at-risk girls with critical information on topics including feminine health (menstruation, HIV/AIDS and STD’s, pregnancy), gender issues (domestic abuse, gender-based violence), self-defense, and self-esteem.

By providing a comfortable and culturally sensitive atmosphere, girls will become educated, empowered, and able to make smart decisions that benefit their general and sexual health for the rest of their lives. Attendees will receive reusable feminine products, providing approximately 400 girls with a better means of dealing with their monthly cycle.

The learning and passing on of knowledge will be a boundless cycle of change after the program ends. These girls will be equipped to serve as information ambassadors to their peers in the village; spreading accurate, life-changing information about sexual health/care, self-defense, and self-esteem and creating a long-lasting, effective and sustainable project.

DSC_0232Acan Babra, S3 Scholar, Pope John Paul II (Luweero)

We need your HELP!  We are hoping to take E4C a step further than school scholarships and provide our girls with an opportunity to gain lifelong skills to care for themselves and their sisters, but we cannot do it without you! All pledges on this Indiegogo page will be allocated to the expense for our pilot program this April which includes: venue, menstrual kits, visual aids/education materials, guest speakers and educators, food, lodging and transportation.  By funding this project, you will have a direct hand in a life changing experience for our 16 scholarship students — but also, eventually over 400 young girls. Consider a financial contribution to aid in the expansion of knowledge, resources, and an equal right to education!

Make sure you check out our Indiegogo Page for donating by clicking HERE.

Thank you. 🙂

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