Thanks to a generous grant from the Joe and Francis Naumes Family Foundation, construction on the piggery has commenced.

20140827_133401 (1000x750)Several of our scholar’s spent a week of their long holiday in December making 3800 bricks which with be used for the walls.  This helped us a lot, but it was also great to employ some of our students.  Youth unemployment in Uganda is ridiculously high these days and every little opportunity to raise funds helps.




This project will not just create sustainable income for our programs, but also jobs for the local community (and even our scholars on their holiday, as you have seen), vocational training opportunities, and a family livestock loan program. Built on the site of the future Mother Teresa Secondary School, it will eventually be turned over to the school as part a permanent scholarship funding activity and agricultural curriculum.

Construction is going quickly and we are currently interviewing for a piggery manager.  We hope to implement a natural pig farming system by using IMO’s (read more about that here).  So far, all the research and meeting the right people has been a blast.  We are so proud of the way the building is looking and cannot wait to hire the manager and get to work on the real business.



More updates soon!

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