The Newest Editions — Welcome, Senior 1 Scholars!

On Monday, six new students began class under our program. These newest GLOBAL Scholars are bright eyed, energetic and focused. They have real passion for education and their drive and determination is quite evident.

This year, our application process was extremely competitive. While we received many students in our office, we only accepted twenty-five applications and we were only able to grant acceptance to six students. Due to our constrained budget and our limited resources in terms of staffing, going over forty-five students is currently impossible. As we stand to date, we have forty-four! We want to make sure that we are able to uphold our commitment to them: that if they maintain their marks and behavior and continue to remain focused, we will stand by them through secondary school.

The new students are pictured below and by the names of Oketayot Geoffrey (Te-Owak, Bobi; attending St. Joseph’s College Layibi, top left), Lakica Janneth Oketta (Pece Pawel, Gulu; attending Sacred Heart, top middle), Kilama Benjamin (Gang-Kal, Amuru; attending St. Joseph’s College Layibi, top right), Opiyo Morris (Abera, Pabbo; attending St. Joseph’s College Layibi, bottom right), Omar-Rwoth Anthony (Kwanji, Nebbi; attending Ocer Campion School, bottom middle), and Abacaba Nixon (Ajubi, Nwoya; attending St. Joseph’s College Layibi, bottom left). We were so impressed not only with their results, but also their ability to present themselves, their families, and their goals to us orally during an office interview and home assessment. We even had one student who stood up and presented his debating skills, unrehearsed. Literally, we were blown away. We know you would have been, too.


We are so excited for these new students and that’s where YOU come in! Would you help us ensure that their education is secure for the next six years? We need six new sponsors who are willing to partner with us to see them through. I promise you, they will not disappoint you. If this is something you are interested in, please contact us at We will let you know which students still need support and then the decision is up to you! Remember, it’s not something you have to do alone. Our sponsors come in all shapes and sizes: individuals, entire families, classrooms, entire schools, businesses, or clubs. $500 per year split between a school of 1,000 students?! $.50 per student, per year. It’s that simple, really. We work with them, not only to make sure they are in a desk, but to ensure that they are successful, confident, self-aware, and contributing in a positive way to their school and local community. We believe in the power of education and are sure that the best way to promote change is through this opportunity.

Join us.

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