Holiday Program 2015

This long holiday between class levels in Uganda, the students are out school from the end of November until the beginning of February. At Educate for Change, we wanted to see what we could do for our students to ensure that those who might have areas of weakness can work to improve academically over the break and better his or her chance of success in Senior 2 or Senior 3.

On Monday, we began the pilot of a three week Holiday Program focused on learning and revision in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English, History, and Geography. The teachers for these courses are University students, mostly studying Education in various fields. In the fall, Laura trained them in methods of working with students and how to be an effective tutor or leader in the classroom. They went over information on everything from the importance of empathy and respect in a classroom to different learning styles and methods of instruction.

image1(1)As of Monday, we have 34 students in the classrooms at Gulu Plaza (graciously provided by Cavendish University) representing two different programs: Educate for Change and Unified for Uganda. It has been an absolute pleasure partnering with a similar organization in Gulu, as collaboration and the sharing of best practices continues to challenge both of us to provide the finest services possible to our scholarship recipients.

More to come too—they are only on day #3!

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