Apwoyo Matek!

As we wrap up our second fiscal year, we owe a huge thank you to the fifteen individuals, families, schools, clubs, and companies who have joined us on our venture to provide sustainable educational options for our students in northern Uganda.  

These fabulous fifteen have committed $500/year for six years to ensure that their assigned student can complete his or her secondary education.  Three of these groups have even taken on two students!  The consistent support and encouragement from the scholarship donors not only affects the lives of our students in a deep way, but our Educate for Change spirit as well.

We would love for more of you to consider taking part in this meaningful and impactful mission to see that the remaining twenty-two students also have scholarship sponsors.  To find out more or how else you can be involved, email Kristine at educateforchange.us@gmail.com.  

Apwoyo matek!  Thank you so much.

Paul Doherty
Maureen Doherty
Thuraya Haddad
Betsy Moore
Pamela Murphy
Lawrence and Cynthia Sullivan
The McCready Family
The Naumes Family
The Eccleston Family
The Morford Family
St. Mary’s School (Medford, OR)
St. Anthony’s School (El Segundo, CA)
Our Lady of Perpetual Help Interact Club (Downey, CA)
LaGrange Sunrise Rotary
Environmental Consultants

group edited

Much love from the Educate for Change students!

(Some students are not pictured).

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