Welcome.  We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit created for the purpose of empowering the youth of northern Uganda by providing sustainable educational opportunities.  Check back often to see updates from the ground in Gulu.

For 2014 we have increased our GLOBAL Scholar program from 15 to 40 students attending secondary school.  The scholarships they receive will either supplement what the families are able to pay or will cover the entire tuition, uniform, and supply fee for students with no family or families experiencing deep poverty.

In the works for 2015 are some programs to enhance the education of students at the primary and secondary level.  These include literacy and phonetics training (primary), school-based tutoring programs (secondary), and an income generating vocational pig project.

With time, we are also hoping to begin a capital campaign to build a secondary school for Mother Teresa Primary School. This would allow students to have continuous education from nursery through high school.

Click here to see our newest video featuring our scholars and their families: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-gTTtNVfyQo

group edited

(GLOBAL Scholars attending a writing workshop during their school holiday; August 2014. You can purchase a copy of their work below)

http___www.lulu.com_items_volume_77_13847000_13847353_6_print_13847353_cover.pdf-2 (1)

Click image above to purchase your copy!

Or use this link and a portion of all your Amazon purchases will go to our programs.

Tax ID # 46-0778674

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